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Hi there, welcome to my (very) small corner of the web, focused on my contributions to the Statamic and Laravel ecosystems.

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Officially a Statamic Partner!

I've been involved in the Statamic community for several years now, and it continues to get better; more helpful, more friendly, more rad.

The people I work with have all been fabulous as well, never any payment issues (knock on wood), coming back for additional help & always open to suggestions on how to "do it right".

So I'm super proud to announce I, along with Dave Symth and Mike Martin, am now an official partner! I've been reviewed and scoured (didn't hurt too much) and approved.

Looking forward to working with more fine folks.

Events Addon

Recently, I've been working with the fine folks at Transform Studios, helping them build Statamic and Laravel sites.

They have a very diverse set of clients, but they've noticed that many of them had calendars and/or lists of events. In the past they’d use an Events collection and their clients would create entries for every event, and while it was a bit clunky with all that repetition, it worked fairly well.

They got asked if there was an easier way to deal with both repeating events and holidays; they didn’t like entering in the same event all the time. Sometimes folks would forget about a recurring event or make a mistake on a multi-day events.

After discussion, I realized that this couldn't easily be built with native Statamic templating and we'd need an addon to provide the best customer experience.

On the surface this seems "easy", but there are actually quite a few different "types" of events:

  • Single day events with start/end times
  • Single day, all day events, like a holiday
  • Multi-day events, each day with start/end times, like a conference
  • Multi-day, all-day eventts, like Spring Break, vacations, etc
  • Recurring, single day events (weekly/bi-weekly, monthly meetings, etc), some with end dates and some without

Phew. Now imagine you'd like something easy to use (template) that let you create a monthly calendar of all your events (a mix of all of the above!).

It took quite a bit of wrangling to create something that generated all the right events, in order, on the fly, giving you all entry information plus the event information (next one, previous one, pagination, etc).

After "testing" it on a client site, I, along with Transform Studios, am proud to announce Events!

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