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Hi there, welcome to my (very) small corner of the web, focussing on my contributions to the Statamic & Laravel ecosystems.

TL;DR - started my career as a developer, went into software sales, came back to development, fell in (developer) love with Statamic & Laravel and have worked with companies like OpenTable, Duo Security & MailerList.



I’ve come to really love the community around Statamic and I have really enjoyed contributing to it. I am a regular on their Discord group & forums, spending several hours a day helping people.

As part of the community I've built several of the most downloaded addons, built a course on building addons, and helped 100s of people get their sites going. I've helped many great companies, such as OpenTable, MailerLite & Duo Security, with:


And when I learned that Statamic v3 was going to be a Laravel packaged I dove right in and have worked on sites like FitnessMD.

I can help you and if you'd like to read more about me, check out my personal site or my professional details.

Shoot me an email or come say "hi" on the Statamic or Laravel Discord groups.

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