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Hi there, welcome to my (very) small corner of the web, focussing on my contributions to the [Statamic]( & [Laravel]( ecosystems. _**TL;DR**_ - started my career as a developer, went into software sales, came back to development, fell in (developer) love with Statamic & Laravel and have worked with companies like OpenTable, Duo Security & MailerList. ## Timeline * started with development back before the internet! * learned BASIC, C, COBOL, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML & PHP * helped build Mac Office & Adobe PageMaker * sold software into the Fortune 1000 * started doing Statamic & Laravel work for companies like [OpenTable]( * got involved in the Statamic & Laravel communities ## Statamic I’ve come to really love the community around Statamic and I have really enjoyed [contributing](/addons) to it. I am a regular on their [Discord]( group & [forums](, spending several hours a day helping people. As part of the community I've built several of the most downloaded addons, built a course on building addons, and helped 100s of people get their sites going. I've helped many great companies, such as OpenTable, MailerLite & Duo Security, with: * data architecture * site builds * localization frameworks * 3rd party integration ## Laravel And when I learned that Statamic v3 was going to be a Laravel packaged I dove right in and have worked on sites like [FitnessMD]( [I can help you](/why-me) and if you'd like to read more about me, check out my [personal site]( or my [professional details]( Shoot me an [email]( or come say "hi" on the [Statamic]( or [Laravel]( Discord groups.
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